Monday, June 28, 2010

.:L/Ryuuzaki:. You Call That Punishment?! .:Lemon:.

Name Of Anime: Death Note
Name Of Character: L (Lawliet, Ryuuzaki)
Name Of Your Character: Ryoko Ishimura (Alias Ryoki Minase)
Personallity: I'm very quiet for the most part, and prefer the company of a good book. I don't like people in general, so I try to scare people away by being stand offish and giving them a death glare. In actuality, I'm a pacifist, and can't stand violence, but I'm a bit scared to let people in...
Sex: Female

Follow the magical link... Cause photobucket/quizilla is being mean

Crush: Ryuuzaki
Friends: Matsuda, Light
Likes: Any kind of cheesecake, books, that cute face Matsuda makes, riddles, the music of a violin ( it makes me melt.... )
Dislikes: Loud noises, loud people, people who talk too much, high-pitched noises (of any kind, turning the tv on hurts) loud music, unnecessary violence, self-rightous people
Favorite Thing In Life: Humm.... probably the human ability to empathize, and to strive to benefit one another. ^_^ And cheesecake.
Other: (uhm... I like the idea of L being the father of my child.... >.>/////)
Lemon: ////// .... y-yes please...


*Your P.O.V*

I was in the middle of the greatest book of all time “Love The Lost” (Made up by me) and the two main characters were fighting against there families for there love(kind of like Romeo and Juliet) when…

“Ryoki-chan?” Light interrupts your reading.

“Yes Raito?”

“Why are you reading? Shouldn’t you be helping-”

Light was inturupted.

“Raito, Ryoki will do what she wants. She is not really here for the Kira case.” L stated plainly.

“Ryuuzaki…” I stated.

“She is hear because she is my fiancĂ©e”

“RYUUZAKI!!!” I slammed my book closed.

“Oops!” He said as he ate his cake you had made. I walked over to him. Bent over and whispered…

“That was our little secrete babe…” I stated “now when everyone leaves I must punish you” emphasizing the ‘must. The look in my eye must have been lustful because…

“Everyone we must finish our work, and call it a day.” Ryuuzaki said.

>>FF LATER>>*I know I hate them sometimes but*

I was cleaning up the hotel room as I bent over to pick up a picture on the floor, L rubbed my butt. I moaned as I stood up straight. I looked at the picture a smile on my face. It was me in a little maids outfit.

“L…I never knew you kept this?” He looked at the picture a smirk on his face.

“I love that picture of you. Wonder how it got on the floor” He was standing behind me, grinding on my ass. I spun around and our spots grinded together we moaned. “Oh no…I am punishing you…” I grabbed him and pushed him to the bed room door. I slowly opened it and we went in. “I know its not much of a punishment but…” He headed towards the bed and I seductively walked towards the bed shedding a piece of clothing each time. I was down to my black and purple lacy bra and panties by the time I crawled on top of him. I grinded my self against him and he moaned. I slowly pulled off his shirt, clawing at his chest I kissed his neck, collar bone and nibbled on his ear receiving many moans. I felt him harden and smiled, but he slammed his hips against mine I moaned really loud.

“So not fair!” I said moaning “L…Mmmmm”

“Well…do you call this punishment hunn?”

I slowly undid his pants and took off his boxers. I looked at his large member. Not the first time we have done this. The lust I had took over and I took off my panties and slammed him into me and screamed his name as he screamed mine in shock and pleasure. We had too may orgasms to count and it got really rough. It went on for hours. L slamming in and out of me, rolling around on the bed until we moved to the shower. The shower was nice and hot which made it ten times the fun. When we finally called it quits because he had to work and I was tired. So we dried off and fell asleep naked.

“I love you”

I love you too Mrs. Lawliet.”


I woke up at eleven. I never sleep that late. I got dressed and went out to greet L and his friends. “Morning everyone”

“Morning Babe” L said

“Morning” everyone else said. I walked over to L and whispered.

“We have to set a date”

“I know. I love you…”


“OMFG!!!! NO WAY!!!! CANT BE!!!” I stared at that test for what felt like hours.

“Whats the matter babe?” L came running in. I threw the test to the floor and slid down the wall. My legs to my chest and my head to my knees.

“I’m….Your…We’re…” He picked up the test. Red it and wiggled his way behind me.

“Its ok, I love you” He started rubbing my tummy. And I will love the baby Mrs. Ryoko Lawliet.” I giggled. He has always called me that ever since he proposed to me.


  1. daaawwwww thats so cuuute~~. ive read many, but yours is in the top 10!

  2. Mrs. Lawliet shfafhkjdulokffgszjssja ;___;

  3. I only wish...

    Do you think the kid would be socially awkward and super smart like his dad or a social butterfly and a B+ student like it's mommy