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(Sasuke) Encounter (Uchiha One-shot/Lemon for HolyLightHikari)

Name Of Anime: Naruto
Name Of Character: Uchiha, Sasuke
Name Of Your Character: Aino, Hikari
Personality: Caring, Shy, Respectful, can be stubborn, can be lonely and has poker face around rivals
Sex: F
Looks: Black hair and light brown eyes. Hair to the middle of her back and bangs parted to the side.
Friends: Hinata, TenTen, Ino
Likes: Animals, Sweets, Training and helping others
Dislikes: Sakura, Karin, Fan-boys and perverts
Background: Sound killed her clan and she was found by Konaha ninja and brought back to the village.

I walked around this unfamiliar village with the team I was given. We were given word that the Akatsuki were going to visit this village, wither it being true or not even I wasn’t sure. Today was the day that the man I cared for so deeply left my life. Uchiha Sasuke. A name that hasn’t crossed my lips since the night he left. As we walked through this village I remembered our very first encounter after he left.

The wind was blowing, it was another sleepless night for me. I pulled myself from my bed and pulled a sweater with the Uchiha symbol on the back. I pulled it over my head as I remembered the day he gave it to me. My 11th birthday. After I pulled my sweater over my head I packed a few kunai on the inside sleeve which had a special secret holder for the “just in case” he called it. I had grey sweatpants on then I pulled on my ninja boots. I brushed out my hair and parted my bangs to the side. Tonight was one of those nights where I felt extremely lonely. I jumped out my window easier than going downstairs out the front of the apartment and running into someone. The breeze hit my face causing shivers down my spine the moon shone bright over Konaha. I ran toward my favorite spot, the hills. The hills is where Shikamaru and I often would watch the clouds. But it’s also where I come alone to watch the stars, tonight was perfect. I settled myself down at glared at the moon. After several dead quite minutes I felt a presence that was well hidden. In a swift movement I pulled out my kunai and held in incase of an attack. The presence felt familiar to me. My eyes widened… N-no way I thought. “Sa-sauke?” I breathed out and turned around he was standing there in the moonlight acting all cool his hand on his hip and his hair blowing slightly. He sure was hot even after these years. “Hikari” he cooed. I stood up he had gotten taller, his features more distinguished and his outfit changed he wore a uniform distinguishing he was with Orochimaru with an open chest. I could tell he was taking in my features as well. Most likely my chest, height, and current outfit which wasn’t a ninja outfit. The sweater was my favorite and he took notice to it. It took a while to broke the silence, I don’t think either of us knew what to say or where to begin. “Sasuke… Is this a dream?” I took a step closer and put my hand out to touch his face. It was no vision or dream it was solid flesh of the Uchiha before me. “Sasuke” I whispered, “I-I don’t know what to say” I pulled my hand away and looked down pulling my sleeves to cover my hands and shift uneasily on my feet. The man I loved was before me and I didn’t have a clue what to say.

It had been months since that encounter. “Hello! Hikari!” Shouted Sakura, painfully she was on my team. Anything and everything to do with the dreaded Akatsuki, Orochimaru or Sasuke she absoultly had to go or be there or even know about. It was some sick obsession about bringing Sasuke back. I do deeply care for Sauke but he made this choice and in loving and caring for someone you have to accept the choices they make. I came to peace with it months after he left.
“Yes, Haruno?” I stated bluntly still wandering around the village. Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki, Sai and Shikamaru Nara. A strange team of 5 but Lady Tsunade thought it might be helpful, meaning that Sakura wasn’t about to let this mission take off without her having apart.
“You haven’t been listening have you?” she snapped at me. Shikamaru sighed as well as Sai.
“Sakura, let her-” Shikamaru began
“NO!” she stomped her foot, like a child, “she is supposed to be a leader and she isn’t even listening to you. Doesn’t that bother your Shikamaru?”
Shikamaru just sighed, “Sakura-“
“No Shikamaru” I stopped walking and stood in front of her, “Go ahead Sakura continue what you were going to say” I had my poker face on since we left the village but now I was pissed and she knew it.
“Hmph.” She pouted only to be interrupted by Naruto.
“Hey guys lets go and get some ramen or anything to eat I am starved.” I returned back to my poker face and nodded walking into a restaurant and ordering some food listening to them talk about this mission. Mostly Sakura talking annoying the piss out of everyone so I went back to remembering him.

“Sasuke I don’t know what you want me to say” I stated flatly looking at the ground still. He still remained silent causing me to get annoyed. “Say something…” I growled.
“You have changed, Hikari” he breathed. “You have grown” he eyed me up and down I shifted uneasily.
“I have changed, Sasuke, I haven’t thought of you in a while” I turned around the Uchiha symbol facing the young Uchiha. “I cared for you, and you ripped my heart out the night you left. I still care but I haven’t thought of you in a while.” A tear slid down my face “you should have never came back here Sasuke.” I said spitting his name like venom on my tongue, I wiped the tears and put on my poker face spinning back towards him.
“You still have that sweater,” he began “which means if you wear it you must think about me” he took a step forward and I took one back.
“Yes, I have but I never have spoke your name until now.” I said looking into his blood red sharingan eyes “The day you left was the last day I ever spoke about you.”
“It is nice to see you too Hikari” he spoke very monotoned. 
“It is nice to see you Sasuke but I don’t know how I should feel. I care for you and you ripped my heart the night you left.”
“I do know this Hikari and I will make it up to you. The sun will be up soon, my team will notice I am gone I have to go but we will meet again. I promise.” He whispered the last part in my ear as a small pain ran through me and everything went black. I woke in my apartment.

I didn’t even know if I was going to see him again. That seemed so long ago now. “So Hikari you like that idea?” Naruto spoke up bringing me from my final thoughts as everyone finished eating.
“Yeah Naruto…Sure” I agreed as I put down some money for my food.
“She wasn’t even listening….” She growled “she was probably thinking of-” I shot a glare at her telling her to shut up not to say his name. Everyone knows not to.
“Sakura, don’t” Naruto warned her
“Why? Why does this bitch get special treatment?” she started to scream. “She gets special treatment about-”
“Sakura, stop” Sai said, I got up and walked toward the door.
“While you are all going to be here fooling around I am going to report to the Hoshikage about our mission and purpose here. Suit yourself and stay here. Oh, Sakura keep eating those dumplings and you will end up like the lady on our last mission” with that I walked out. I heard choking as I left a slight smirk on my face. I went and talked to the Hoshikage and the special ops of the village tell me the Akatsuki left a day ago and they couldn’t find out where they were headed but they would relay any information directly to the Hokage. As I was leaving the building the team was headed towards the building. Sakura pissed, Sai the same old look, Naruto pumped and Shikamaru looking bored.
“Don’t worry guys we are headed back to Konaha” I stated stopping in front of them.
“Back to Konaha!! Nani?!” Naruto shouted clearly mad he doesn’t get to kick some Akatsuki ass.
“Yeah Naruto that’s what I said” I began “the Hoshikage said that the Akatsuki left the village a day ago we are headed back now lets go.” I began to walk toward the gate.
“Hikari…” Sakura began nervously “can’t we just stay the night?”
I sighed “yeah I suppose so I will go talk to the Hoshikage about a room for tonight”
I then went back in and talked to the Hoshikage he greatly agreed to put us up for the night and then we all headed to our rooms. We had two one for me and Sakura, sadly, and the other for the three boys.

It was around midnight the moon shone bright in the sky through the window in the room and onto Hikari’s face. She was in a deep slumber with the slight snores  of Sakura coming from across the room. The sound of the night life was light outside and the sound of feet creaked across the floor wasn’t loud enough to wake any ninja in a slumber. The person stood over her breaking the moonlight on her peaceful face.  The person knelt down beside her there eyes suddenly meeting when he shakes her.

“Hikari” he whispered huskily and softly.  My eyes shot open only to meet the sharingan eye of the Uchiha man I loved. “Come” he held out his hand and I shakily took it and stood up in embarrassed in my tanktop and short shorts. He teleported us into a strange room I didn’t recognize. I looked around the room was made of stone. It felt so cold I crossed my arms rubbing them slightly. “Are you cold?”

I nodded my head, “a bit.” I followed him as he walked towards a bed as he sat he patted to his side.
“Come” he demanded but not so harshly “sit by me. I want to talk to you.”
“Sasuke-kun” came a voice from outside. A woman? He has a woman here and he thinks he can bring me?! I thought before his voice pulled me away.
“Karin. Leave.” He demanded more like a threat this time.
“Why Sasuke-kun? Everyone is sleeping this is our alone time” her hand turned the door knob and flung it open. Shock written across her face when she laid eyes on me. “S-sasuke-kun, w-who is this?!” she demanded to him her hand on her hip.
“Karin” he growled at her and in one swift movement he had her out the door and shut it in her face. “I said leave.”
“Sasuke-kun! If she is bothering you let me make her leave!” She yelled as a rumble erupted.  She must have punched the wall. I thought as I rolled my eyes. Yet again another Sasuke fan-girl.
“Sorry Hikari, she is annoying” he spoke as we walked back over.
“THIS ISNT IT HIKAR-WHATEVER SASUKE IS MINE!!!” She yelled as she walked away. I let out another sigh.
“Seriously? Is there anywhere you can go without gaining a fan-girl?” I chuckled as I lightly nudged his arm with a smile. Then I snapped back into reality this wasn’t a dream, it wasn’t the past, it was the present. “Sorry, um… why did you bring me here?”
“Heehee, yeah seems I cannot go anywhere without them” he scratched the back of his head, just like the old Sasuke. “Hikari, I brought you here to explain something to you.” I nodded indicating to continue “The night I left the village, I am sorry I didn’t tell you. I didn’t know how, I don’t have any bonds to anyone but hatred for my brother.” I shifted uneasily at that as he paced through the room figuring out how to talk. He face was puzzled, “I still only have that bond, severing all bonds was top priority.”
He chuckled a bit, “is it is a top priority. I cannot risk all this for nothing so I feel nothing, I say nothing and I train to become stronger to defeat Itachi.”
He put a finger to my lips, “let me continue. All the while I left you behind in Konaha where you were sent on mission so dangerous you could have died, like the one you were on now.”
“The one I was?” I asked as he sat beside me “what do you know about that?”
“Lets just say I misinformed someone  who has connections with Anbu and special ops and such to bring you all here on this mission for nothing.”
“Sasuke you what?!” I spoke shocked.
“Hikari,” he whispered in my ear “it was all for a good reason. I wanted… no I needed to see you again.”
“Sasuke, I don’t know how I should feel about that. You left me over three years ago and haven’t seen me in a while. Last time we met it was the same I didn’t know what to do or to feel and I don’t know now.”
“Answer me this” he was closer to my ear now his lips grazing my ear as he spoke “Do you love Sai?”
“S-Sai? How do you know about-?”
“Just because I haven’t made contact with you doesn’t mean that I haven’t been watching” he breathed against my skin making me shiver. “So tell me, is Sai the one you love?”
“N-No Sasuke he isn’t the one I love.” After my sentence at the exact moment I said that word love he kissed my ear. Something flew inside my stomach. I was still in love with Sasuke even though I wasn’t sure how to act. I was still mad that he left without even a goodbye, we were childhood friends. He was my first and only love. In this moment I realized how much I loved and missed him.
“S-Sasuke” I shuddered as he kissed my neck in search of my weak point. I wasn’t going to let him win that easy.

He pushed me on the bed and was fiercely kissing my neck, nibbling and biting my neck in search of my weak point and when he hit the spot I broke a loud moan escaping my lips. He smirked against my skin nibbling and biting at me causing me to wiggle underneath him. He pinned my arms above my head and moved his arms down past my elbow, lightly touching me all the way to my bottom of my tank top slipping his hand up it gripping my breasts. Squeezing and rubbing them causing me to moan and he crashed his lips onto mine.
“Can’t have you being too loud” he pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the side. I moved my hands to his slightly exposed chest and I touched it. He smirked as I ran my fingers down his torso and back up pushing the sleeves down and he pulled them off. He put his toned arms on either side of my head. I looked over and up ‘n down his arm out of the corner of my eye I saw him smirk and bring his lips crashing into mine. I wrapped my legs around his propped myself up on my elbows and flipped him over so I was on top. I ran my fingers through my hair and down my body stopping at my pant line and slowly pulling them off leaving me in just my underwear plopping back down slightly causing a grunt from the handsome Uchiha underneath me. I kiss his lips and make out a bit introducing his tongue he tries to fight for dominance I let him win. I pull back and kiss his neck and down his torso. I stop as his pant line taking them off leaving his exposed member. I bring my lips down on the hardened member and begin going crazy. I began with pumping it in and out of my mouth fast then slow repeating it until the young Uchiha moaned from beneath me. He got so amped up he flipped me over and ripped off my panties.
“Hikari, are you-” I grabbed his face and crashed my lips into his once more.
“Sasuke, it’s okay.” I reassured him as he placed his member at my entrance and powerfully thrusted forward “AHHHH” I screamed in ecstasy. “oh…Sas-mmmm” I panted out as he thrusted in and out of me. “Harder….Faster… mmm. Right there! OH!” He picked me up while thrusting and slammed me against the wall I clawed at his back moaning into his lips. He continued to pump inside me faster and faster as we made out against the wall. He groaned and released me as I slid to the floor panting he stood above me looking down sweat drops on his forehead. I could feel his juices inside me.
“S-Sasuke” I panted as he swooped down picking me up and laying in the bed with me. Within minutes we were asleep.

It didn’t seem long before a noise woke us up. “SASUKE-KUN!!” the Karin girl screamed. I groaned and nuzzled my face into his neck.
“Ugh, No…” I groaned as he began to get up.
“Hikari, you have to get up to… your team remember?”
I shot up and scrambled to get my clothes, “shit my team! They have bound to notice I was gone. Sasuke, what am I going to do? How am I going to get back? Where-” He kissed me and I calmed down a bit.
“Don’t worry you’ll go back now” he pulled on the last of his clothes on. “Ill send you back to the village in which I took you from” He formed some hand signs and I put my hand over his to stop him.
“Wait, if you send me back when will I see you again?”
“I promise you will see me again as soon as possible.” He kissed me, “I promise.”
“Okay, Sasuke. I trust you.” With that I was back in the village I came from but I was in the bathroom with the door locked. I heard banging.
“Hikari! Are you okay? Sakura-chan says you have been in there all night?” Naruto screames came from the other side.
I stood up and opened the door. “Sorry Naruto I must have fell asleep in here after I, uh, brushed my teeth.
“Ah it’s okay Sakura could have sworn she saw you with someone last night but I told her she was crazy.”
“Ah, yeah she is going crazy eh Naruto?” I agreed as I walked out and packed up my sleeping bag. “Ill get dressed then we can leave”
“Okay! Everyone is getting breakfast want me to get something for you?” I shook my head no and he walked out.
“Sasuke…” I whispered. “When will I see you again?”

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